Ancient Order of Hibernians In Canada

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"Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity"

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Welcome to Montreal's A.O.H. Homepage

2010/2011 Officers

    The Ancient Order of Hibernians is a non-profit, fraternal, organization aimed at the preservation of Irish history.  It helps the community with charitable causes and is committed to doing so.  Please feel free to look around our site, and if you have any questions or comments, please, don't hesitate to e-mail us.

    The A.O.H. was originally organized in Ireland in 1565 to protect the Catholic Religion from social and political ostracism.  At the time, to be a priest of the Catholic Church meant to be hunted like a wolf, and an equal price was on the head of each; to endeavor to impart into the minds of the Irish people the truth of religion was a crime.  The penalty, for which, was usually torture or death.

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    This then was the origin of our grand and noble Order.  "Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity" was, and is now, the motto under which we march. 

    The A.O.H. stands today where it stood centuries ago when its members shed their blood on the hillsides of Ireland in the defense and protection of the Minister of the Holy Church.

    There are divisions of the A.O.H. all over North America, if not the world, it continues the application of its charity.  Every suffering people and worthy cause has been the object of its beneficence.menrix.jpg (84117 bytes)

    The 1st Division of the Ancient Order of Hibernians in the Province of Quebec was organized in the 1800s.  It is known today as the  No. 1 Division A.O.H., Hochelaga County.  The great work of the original organizers continues today, with undiminished zeal, vigor and energy.   The Order during these past years has made an enduring name for itself in alleviating human suffering, promoting human happiness and advancing the interests of the Irish people both in Canada and in the Motherland.

    We take part in various EVENTSbutton.jpg (2789 bytes) throughout the year, such as a pilgrimage to the Irish Memorial at GROSSEILEbutton.jpg (2882 bytes) ,a March to the STONEbutton.jpg (2764 bytes) Memorial, near Montreal's Victoria Bridge, and the annual "Mass in the Park" celebrated at the Griffintown-St.Ann Park.

  If you would like to know more about us, please feel free to visit our INFObutton.jpg (2621 bytes) page.

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